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PC Casing Price in BD 2023

The PC Casing itself can be made from any material that still allows supporting internal devices. It is usually steel, plastic, or aluminum but can be replaced by wood, glass, or styrofoam.

Most PC Cases are rectangular and black. Casing modding is a term used to describe the styling of a Case to personalize it with things like custom interior lighting, paint, or liquid cooling systems.

The front of the PC Casing has a power button and sometimes a reset button. Smaller LED lights also represent common, current power status, hard drive activity, and sometimes other internal processes. These buttons and lights connect directly to the motherboard, which is secured inside the Case.

The Cases often have multiple 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch expansion bays for optical drives, floppy disk drives, hard drives, and other media drives. These expansion bays are located on the front of the Casing so that, for example, the DVD drive is easily accessible to the user when using.

At least one aspect of the Casing to allow access to internal components, possibly both slide or swing open. See our guide on how to open a PC Case for instructions, on what the inside of a PC looks like.

The back of the PC Case has small openings to fit the connectors on the motherboard, which are mounted inside. The power supply is also mounted inside the back of the Casing and allows the connection of a large open power cord and the use of a built-in fan. Fans or other cooling devices can be attached to any and all sides of the Case.

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Mini PC Casing price in BD 2023

A mini-tower case usually has only one or two outer bays.

Recently the term marketing came into use in the midi-tower, seemingly (based on story evidence) smaller than the mid-tower but larger than the mini-tower, usually referring to two to three outer bays. Outside of the United States, the term is often used interchangeably with Mid-Tower.

Recent mini ITX keyboards from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, Zotac and Foxconn set the same features as full-size keyboards. High-end Mini ITX motherboards support standard desktop CPUs, use standard memory DIMM sockets, and feature a full-size PCI-E 16 slot with support for most fast graphics cards, although some use a PCI, or PCI slide instead. By less. Over 16 lanes it allows customers to build a fully advanced high-performance computer in a significantly smaller area. Apple Inc. Macs have also developed mini-computers that are about the size of a standard CD-ROM drive, and many manufacturers offer mini-ITX cases of the same size for low-watt CPUs with integrated graphics.

Tower cases are often classified as mini-tower, midi-tower, mid-tower, or full-tower. Terms are thematic and inconsistently defined by different manufacturers.

RGB PC Casing in BD 2023

Historically, Case CCFLs have been used to illuminate and ultimately as a single color LED strip or to illuminate their interior with a fan; RGB LED lighting is used instead of the modern field, often included in the case fans. To improve airflow while allowing RGB fans to be visible, the metal mesh has been used in many cases in 2020 without any external bay. Many include a PSU shroud and a vertical GPU mount. Some external water coolers are included in the holes to support the radiator. Side windows may also have side fans (windows), although it is not uncommon for glass windows to have side fans.

Latest Casing Price List In BD 2023

View Today Last Updated Prices Of Casing In Bangladesh. Last Updated Date 06/14/2023

Casing List  Price in bd
Xigmatek Oreo Tempered Glass Mini Tower Case 3,800.00 ৳
Xigmatek Oreo Arctic Tempered Glass Mini Tower Case 4,000.00 ৳
Montech Sky One Mini Micro-Atx Casing (Black) 5,800.00 ৳
View One V8012W Mid-Tower Gaming Casing (With Remote Control) 4,000.00 ৳
DeepCool CG560 Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case 5,800.00 ৳
1STPLAYER DK-3 Gaming Case 3,600.00 ৳
Xigmatek Medusa Tempered Glass Mid Tower Case 3,300.00 ৳
Montech Sky One Mini Micro-Atx Casing (White) 6,200.00৳
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