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CPU Cooler in Bangladesh

Laptop cpu cooling is the process of removing heat from laptop components. Since the components of a laptop system generate a lot of heat during operation, this heat must be dissipated to keep these components within their safe operating temperature. In addition to maintaining the ideal function, various cpu cooling methods are used to achieve greater performance (overclocking) of the processor, or to reduce noise pollution caused by the general (cpu Cooler fan) cpu cooling method.

Components that receive heat and are susceptible to loss of performance and loss include integrated circuits such as central processing units or CPUs, chipsets and video cards or graphics cards, hard drives with hard disk drives (although extra hardness is found on hard drives). Overheated parts typically show a short maximum lifespan and can cause sporadic problems that cause the system to freeze or crash.

Most laptops use air cooling to keep the CPU and other components within their operating temperature range. Since the wind is forced into the fan through a small harbor, it can trap the fan and heat sink with dust or be obstructed by an object placed near the harbor. This can cause excessive heat and material failure on the laptop. The severity of this problem varies with the design of the laptop, its use and energy consumption. With the recent decline in CPU power dissipation, these problems can be reasonably expected to decrease in intensity.


  1. Fans
    Fans, unlike heat sinks, form an active cooling system. They use energy to run, thus enabling the air to circulate. They work on pushing air out of your PCs and laptops through their casing. Fans are used with heat sinks in a computer system wherein a heat sink is first placed on top of it, after which the fan is piled on.
    Heat sinks can be applied with multiple components inside the system. Their function is to dissipate the heat from the element they have been fixed to. Commonly used with older CPUs, heat sinks work conventionally and are attached to those parts that do not generate immense heat.
    Working on the same concept as the IC Engines(internal combustions engines), liquid cooling systems have recently been introduced with advanced technology. The most commonly used liquid for cooling purposes is distilled water. This form of computer cooling solution is the best out of all other types for efficient cooling.

How does a CPU cooler work?

A CPU cooler is a component that removes heat from a CPU chip and other hot-powered chips such as a graphics processor (GPU). The cooler keeps the components of the system cool enough to run efficiently.

The heat generated by a CPU is eliminated by the cooling mechanism of the system, including the fan and radiator. The fan sucks air into the system, which blows it out of the system through the case vent. Coolers create their own airflow to keep their components cool.

CPU coolers are usually placed on one side of the case to allow air to flow through both sides of the case without allowing heat to escape from one side to the other. This can help prevent overheating due to uneven airflow or excessive airflow being directed to one side versus the other.

Latest CPU Cooler Price List In BD 2022

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CPU Cooler ListPrice in bd
DeepCool GAMMAXX L240T Blue All In One Liquid CPU Cooler5,200.00 ৳
Xigmatek AIR-KILLER PRO ARCTIC ARGB CPU Air Cooler3,200.00 ৳
TEAM T-Force SIREN GD240E All-In-One ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler9,200.00 ৳
Noctua NH-D15S Premium Dual-Tower CPU Cooler9,000.00 ৳
Lian Li Galahad AIO UNI FAN SL Edition 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler (White)17,000.00 ৳
Lian Li Galahad AIO UNI FAN SL Edition 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler (White)12.700.00 ৳
Noctua NH-U12S Chromax CPU Cooler with NF-F12 120mm Focused Flow PWM Fan6,900.00 ৳
Xigmatek AIR-KILLER PRO ARGB CPU Air Cooler2,900.00 ৳
Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black Premium CPU Cooler9,800.00 ৳
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