Desktop RAM price in Bangladesh 2022

Desktop RAM stands for Desktop Random Accessory Memory. Desktop RAM is essentially a device short term memory. It’s an important part of computer devices which store data and information. RAM memory is measured in gigabyte. RAM is significantly faster than a hard disk twenty to a hundred times. Because of its speed, ram is used to process information immediately.

The first form of RAM came about in 1947 with the use of the Williams tube. It utilized a CRT (cathode ray tube); the data was stored on the face as electrically charged spots.

The second widely used form of RAM was magnetic-core memory, invented in 1947. Frederick Viehe is credited with much of the work, having filed for several patents relating to the design. Magnetic-core memory works through the use of tiny metal rings and wires connecting to each ring. One bit of data could be stored per ring and accessed at any time.

Should You Upgrade to DDR5 RAM?

There are several reasons to upgrade to DDR5 RAM. These include improved performance and increased memory bandwidth. However, DDR5 is still expensive, especially compared to the previous generation of Random Access Memory.

Currently, the speed of DDR5 memory is around 7200 million transfers per second, with higher speeds coming later. DDR5 ram is compatible with both dual-channel and quad-channel systems. Ultimately, the DDR5 Random Access Memory is faster than the ddr4 ram.

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