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Portable SSD in Bangladesh

Portable SSD drives are, essentially, internal SSDs (the same kind that power laptops or live inside desktops) with an outer shell and some bridging electronics. As a result, external drives use one of two internal “bus types” that, in part, dictate their peak speed: Serial ATA (SATA), or PCI Express (PCIe). The latter is usually associated these days with Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe), a protocol that is optimized for the characteristics of SSDs and speeds up data transfers.

SATA-based drives tend to be a little cheaper; they’re also slower, but just fine for most users’ everyday applications. SATA-based SSDs typically top out at around 500MBps for peak read and write speeds, just a bit below the ceiling of the USB 3.0 interface. (Much more about that in a moment.) However, if you’re going to be transferring large files such as videos often, you may well want to spring for a PCIe/NVMe-based external SSD. That also ties in with the port you’ll plug your SSD into.

Sellers of portable SSDs seldom indicate if the drive is SATA- or PCIe-based. However, checking the specs can be a dead giveaway. If the drive tops out at sequential read and write speeds between 400MBps and 550MBps, it’s very likely SATA-based. Speeds of 800MBps or higher indicate a PCIe-based drive.

Story Behind this Portable SSD

This external SSD drive is also known as solid-state disk because historically the technology used for SSD was like the HDD but later SATA Express and M.2 were developed for it. In the late 1980s Zitel, Inc. manufactured DRAM-based SSD products named “RAM Disk” but in the year 1991 SanDisk Corporation provided the first 20 MB SSD for IBM ThinkPad laptop. Later in 2009, it came with a PCI Express ×8 interface with the help of OCZ technology. The same year Micron Technology announced an SSD with 6 Gbit/s speeds of SATA interface. However, this enormous storage device slowly leaks over time without power but it recovers with the use of 3D TLC NAND-based flash memory.

Is an Portable SSD better than an HDD?

External SSDs are more dependable when it comes to harsh environments than External HDDs. Portable SSDs can survive accidental drops and high temperatures better than Portable HDDs. External SSDs are faster than External HDDs. External SSDs are very compact and easy to carry. External HDDs are Larger and heavier than External SSDs.

Latest Portable SSD Price List In BD 2023

View Today Last Updated Prices Of Portable SSD In Bangladesh. Last Updated Date 06/14/2023

Portable SSD List Price in bd
Walton W1TBPCP001 1TB M.2 PCIe Gen3 NVMe External SSD 18,300.00 ৳
Walton W512M2P001 512GB M.2 PCIe Gen3 NVMe External SSD 7,700.00 ৳
Walton W256M2P001 256GB M.2 PCIe Gen3 NVMe External SSD 4,800.00 ৳
Walton W512PCP001 M.2 PCIe Gen3 NVMe External SSD 9,700.00 ৳
Walton W1TBM2P001 1TB Portable SATA SSD 14,500.00 ৳
Transcend TS240GESD240C Portable SSD 5,500.00 ৳
LaCie 2TB High Performance External SSD 32,000.00 ৳
HP P500 1TB USB 3.1 Type-C Gen2 Portable SSD (Black) 13,500.00 ৳
Samsung T5 Portable 1TB SSD 15,500.00 ৳
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