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Computer Power Supply in Bangladesh

The power supply unit in a computer is the part of the hardware that is used for changing the power supplied from the outlet into utilizable power for the several parts of the computer. It converts the alternating current into direct current

It also controls over-heating through controlling voltage, which may modify manually or automatically based on the power supply. The PSU or power supply unit is also called as a power converter or a power pack.

In a computer, the internal components like cases, motherboards, & power supplies all available in different configurations, sizes which are known as form factor. All these three components must be well-matched to work appropriately together.


Do not confuse a power supply with a power source. The source is the origin of incoming electricity. In most cases, the electricity source is an outlet, battery, or generator. The power supply works to convert the power from the source into the correct format and voltage. Because a variety of options exist, the specific power supply function depends on whether it needs to regulate energy or convert power. To understand a power supply and how it works, you must know its parts and their contributions to the device’s operation, which is discussed below.


The power supply unit is the part of the hardware that is used to convert the power provided from the outlet into usable power to many parts inside an electrical device. Every energy supply must drive its load, which is connected to it. Depending on its design, a power supply unit may obtain energy from various types of energy sources, like electrical energy transmission systems, electromechanical systems such as generators and alternators, solar power converters, energy storage devices such as a battery and fuel cells, or other power supply. There are two types of power supplies existed, AC and DC power supply. Based on the electrical device’s electric specifications it may use AC power or DC power.


Power supplies have essential functions found in all models with additional operations added depending on the device type. Power supplies may need to change voltage up or down, convert power to direct current, or regulate power for smoother outcoming voltage. These functions will help you choose which supply you need for your electrical needs. Getting a device with too many features could cost you more money than you need to spend, but if you don’t get the features you require, you could damage the devices you need to power.


Basic power supplies will change the voltage and convert to DC power. These standard operations send unregulated voltage out of the power supply, but if you need regulated power, the devices have an additional step of regulating the voltage to smooth out waves. To discover more about how a power supply unit works, read on to learn about the individual parts and their functions, which will clarify your view of the entire operation of the device.

Latest Power Supply Price List In BD 2022

View Today Last Updated Prices Of Power Supply In Bangladesh. Last Updated Date 06/14/2022

Power Supply ListPrice in bd
Deepcool DQ850-M-V2L 850W 80 Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply9,500.00 ৳
Corsair CX450 450 Watt 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply3,800.00 ৳
1STPLAYER DK 5.0 PS-500AX 500W Active PFC 80 Plus Bronze Certified Non-Modular ATX Power Supply3,200.00 ৳
Value Top VT-S300 Real 300W Output Power Supply2,200.00 ৳
1STPLAYER FK 300W Power Supply2,200.00 ৳
Corsair HX1200 1200W 80+ Platinum Fully Modular Power Supply27,200.00 ৳
Thermaltake Toughpower GF 850W 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular Power Supply13,500.00 ৳
CORSAIR SF600 600 Watt 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply 13,000.00 ৳
Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 750W 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular Power Supply11,000.00 ৳
Corsair RM850x 850Watt 80 Plus Gold Certified Power Supply White14,800.00 ৳
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