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Latest Starex Monitor Price List In BD 2022

View Today Last Updated Prices Of Starex Monitor In Bangladesh. Last Updated Date 06/26/2022

Starex Monitor List Price in bd
Starex HT22FW 21.5 Inch Wide Led Monitor9,500.00 ৳
Starex NB 19 inch Wide Led Monitor8,000.00 ৳

Starex LED Monitor 

Short for light-emitting diode monitor, an LED monitor or LED display is a flat screen, flat-panel computer monitor or television. It has a very short depth and is light in terms of weight. The actual difference between this and a typical LCD monitor is the backlighting. The first LCD monitors used CCFL instead of LEDs to illuminate the screen.

Starex LED Monitor Advantages

Starex LED monitors offer many benefits compared to those that are CCFL backlit including:

  • Often less expensive.
  • Broader dimming range.
  • Overall more reliable.
  • They run at a lower temperature, and consume much less power, as few as 20 watts.
  • Higher dynamic contrast ratio.
  • Longer lifespan and less environmental impact.
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