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How To Choose A Best UPS For Your Pc?

If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a desktop PC or gaming console, then you need a UPS or uninterruptible power supply.

There are many uninterruptible power supply options to choose from on the market. In this article, we’ve boiled down the best of these options to five top selections. Whether you’re using a low-power laptop, a console, a high-end gaming PC, or anything in-between, one of our recommendations should suit your budget and your needs.

If you aren’t already sure what you need, feel free to scroll on down to our buying guide at the bottom of the article. We’ll walk you through each of the main specs listed, and help you make the right selection for you.

So enough chatting, let’s get into what the best uninterruptible power supply is!

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Best UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) of 2023

The best UPS (uninterruptible power supply) devices on this page are important purchases for any business – or home user – who needs electronic devices such as PCs and servers that have constant power connections 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If there’s a power cut, even a very brief one, then the results can be catastrophic, as servers could become unreachable, and data could even be corrupted if a computer shuts down suddenly.

That’s where the best UPS come in, as if there’s a power cut, they will seamlessly switch to battery power, and your devices will remain on and running until the main power is restored, or you can safely shut down the device.

These days many of us are working from home, so buying the best UPS your budget can stretch to is even more important. You may find that you’re plugging in a lot more power-hungry devices into your home power supply, and this could lead to power cuts or power surges. Your home likely won’t have the power backup solutions that your office does, so buying a UPS for your home could be a very wise investment.

The UPS devices we include in this guide cover a wide range of use cases, from small UPS devices for homes that can keep a router and PC running, to large and powerful UPS devices for enterprise uses. Because of this, we have listed these best UPS devices in no particular order.

We’ve compared these UPS devices across many factors, like their size, power supply, runtime, and battery recharging time. We looked at what types of environments they’d be best suited for and their input voltage and outlets, among other things.

How long will a UPS last?

An uninterruptible power supply that rates at 1500VA should run your computer for a little under an hour. But if you’re trying to run your PC and your monitor from it, then you’re probably looking at more like ten minutes of up-time. A 650VA, at peak load, will maybe net you something in the range of seven minutes, though that is obviously with a far lower peak wattage.

What type of UPS should I buy?

There are two types of uninterruptible power supply to look out for when shopping around for your gaming PC: sine-wave and simulated sine-wave.Sine-wave UPS backups deliver a smooth, consistent oscillation of AC power directly to your PSU. These are often the only type of UPS you’ll find recommended for gaming PCs due to their efficiency and clean power delivery.

What’s the difference between sine-wave and simulated sine-wave UPS?

A pure sine-wave signal will be a match for the AC mains power your PSU is expected from your mains. Essentially, your PC shouldn’t know the difference between your UPS battery power and the power coming from the wall.Simulated sine-wave UPS deliver a stepped, approximated waveform using pulse-width modulation (PWM). That’s the same concept used to control¬†PC case fan(opens in new tab)¬†RPM. These are often far less expensive than pure sine-wave UPS and can be useful for peripherals, small devices, and monitors. However, since the waveform is not always exact, these may not function as intended with PSUs that demand a stable and consistent input.When your UPS detects a power surge or cut it will switch to battery power. How it delivers that battery power to your PC or accessories is when sine-wave versus simulated sine-wave matters most. That’s because some PSUs will actually recognise a simulated sine-wave frequency and shut down suddenly to protect themselves from the unexpected oddity in power. Thus, your UPS won’t actually be saving your PC from a loss of power.

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