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Best Microphone Shop in Bangladesh

At the very beginning, acoustic megaphones were used for the amplification of the human voice. In 1665 Robert Hooke was the first to invent the process of stretched wire with a cup attached at each end for transmission. Later German inventor Johann Philipp redesigned an early transmitter that used a metallic strip attached to a vibrating membrane that would produce intermittent current but a better result came with “liquid transmitter” designed by Scottish-American Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. David Edward Hughes invented a carbon microphone in 1870 that is the direct prototype of today’s microphones and was critical in the development of telephony, broadcasting, and the recording industries. Later Thomas Edison has refined this into a carbon-button transmitter in 1886. We are the best Microphone shop in Bangladesh, and we have the best prices around. So if you’re looking for the best deals on Microphone, shop at Creatus Computer today!

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Creatus Computer has always prioritized its customers and has launched e-commerce shops in addition to physical stores to ensure better customer service. The goal was to meet the needs of more customers in the shortest possible time. Since then, we have topped the list as the best e-commerce shop in Bangladesh. Our website has a comprehensive search option to find the desired product. Our website features a unique PC maker so you can create a custom PC with your desired components.

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